Coporate Social Responsibility

Giving back with purpose

Myself and my support team at don’t break 345 are totally committed and happy with the CSR choices we have made.

It was important for us to give back to the natural world, so how would be do that we asked ourselves?  After many coffees and chats the choices were made. 

We made a conscious decision and decided that with every assignment taken on we would contribute to the sustainability of the natural earth and re-wilding by donating to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help bees by planting flowers and allowing these important creatures to survive and in turn help trees & habitats thrive & grow.

 We can all do our bit so we at don’t break 345 ask you to simply make your post code, “Bee Friendly ”

We have also committed to doing as much of our work as we can in the natural world, using nature to help improve staff and client’s general health and wellbeing, a positive solution in this fast moving and hectic world we all seem to live in.

It is also important to us to use the services and resources carefully in the running of our business, including fuel, utilities, capital equipment etc. 

And finally, last but certainly not least, anyone working with don’t break 345 is treated with total equality.  We are committed to staff wellbeing and happiness in the workplace.  This includes training, flexible working options, a positive can-do work culture, charity vacation days.  A happy and well organised workplace is no longer a place of work but a place for positive contributions.

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